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Schneider Large Format Lens


Schneider Super Angulon 47mm f/8

Schneider Super Angulon 65 mm f/5.6

Schneider Super Angulon 65mm f/8

Schneider Super Angulon 75mm f/8

Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/8

Schneider Super Angulon 90mm MC f/5.6

Schneider Super Angulon 121mm f/8

Schneider Super Angulon 165mm f/8


Schneider Angulon 65mm f/6.8

Schneider Angulon 90mm f6./8

Schneider Angulon 120mm f/6.8

Schneider Angulon 90mm f/6.

Schneider Xenotar 80mm f/2.8

Schneider Xenotar 150mm f/2.8

Schneider Tele-Arton 180mm f/4

Schneider Tele-Arton 180mm f/5.5

Schneider Tele-Arton 240mm f/4.5

Schneider Tele-Arton 270mm f/5.5

Schneider Symmar-S 135mm f/5.6

Schneider Symmar APO  MC 135mm f/5.6

Schneider Symmar-S MC 210mm f/5.6

Schneider Symmar-S MC 240mm f/5.6

Schneider Symmar-S 240mm f/5.6

Schneider Symmar-S MC 360mm f/6.8


 Linhof large Format Camera and Lenses


  4x5 Format:

 Linhof  Master Technika

 Linhof  Super Technika V

 Linhof  Super Technika IV

 Linhof  Super Technika III

 Linhof  Technika Kardan,     Model V

 Linhof Technika Color, Model IV


  2x3 Format:

 Linhof  Press 23

 Linhof  Super Technika V

 Linhof  Super Technika IV


  Various Accessories:

  Grafloc Backs,

5x7 Super Technika Bellow

 4x5 Super Technika Bellow

 Super Kardan Color 45S Bellow

2x3 Super technika Bellow

  Super Rolex,

  Universal Finders,

  Reflex Finders

  Macro Finders



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