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Soft Condensed Matter

--Representative Publications--

X. Y. Wang A. J. Guenthner,                                                                                                Scaling Parameter and Periodic Phase in Liquid Crystals.                                               Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 4252-55.  (1999).-

X. Y. Wang, J. Li, E. Gurarie, S. Fan, T. Kyu, and C. Rosenblatt
Kinetics of phase transition in an anticlinic liquid crystal induced by a uniform temperature field: Growth in one dimension
.                                                                     Phys. Rev. Lett., 80, 4478 (1998).

X. Y. Wang, S. Fan and T. Kyu,                                                                                      
Complete and exact solutions of  a class of nonlinear diffusion equations and problem of velocity selection.                                                                                                               Phys. Rev. E, 56, Rapid Comm., R4931 (1997).

X.Y.Wang and P.L.Taylor
Devil's Staircase, Critical Thickness, and Propagating Fingers in Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals                                                                                                                              Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 640 (1996)

J. F. Li, X. Y. Wang, P. L. Taylor, C. Rosenblatt,Y. Suzuki and P. E. Cladis
Propagating fingers in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal.
Phys. Rev. B, Rapid Comm., 52, R13075 (1995).





Invited talks in international conferences:

X. Y. Wang and Z. M. Sun,

Nonlinear dynamic phenomena in liquid crystals
in  ``Singular Behavior and Nonlinear Dynamics" ed. by St. Pnevmatikos et al., World Scientific, 1989, 665-680.

X. Y. Wang,
Collision and annihilation of walls in liquid crystals
in ``Nonlinear Wave and Weak Turbulence", ed. by N. Fzmaurice, D. Gurarie, F. McCaughan, and W. A. Woyczynski, Birkhauser, 1993, 227-236.

  Research activities

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