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Convert R B Super Graflex D and other Graflex with Grafloc 4x5 Back

      Great Work and  Great Price!


Graflex R. B. Super D 4x5 and 3x4 are the best professional large format SLR cameras. The early version of such cameras has the older Graflex back, which does not accept the modern Polaroid back, Grafmatic back, cut film back as well as  Roll film back.  Upgrading the camera does need lot of work.

Our Laboratory has mature technique to professionally convert the early Graflex R. B. 4x5, 3x4  Super D  Graflex to the modern one with 4x5 Grafloc back.

Such a conversion is especially necessary for 3x4 Graflex Super D or D camera. As 3x4 film is not available in the market. After converting, one can enjoy  3x4 negative by using your smaller Graflex D cameras.

1. Customers agrees to pay upgrading fee $280 (the customer provides a Grafloc back and  shipping fee).

 2. If the customer has no the Grafloc back, please add $150 for purchasing 4x5 grafloc back.

 3. The upgraded cameras will be shipped back to the customers within a week since receiving customerís camera.

 4. We will lubricate and adjust the focal shutter of the camera for free.

 5.The upgrading quality is guaranteed. We offer one year warranty.

 6. The same work and price is applied for upgrading Graflex Auto R. B, Graflex R. B. Serial D, C and similar Graflex R B cameras.

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